How to install & attach the InflataFENCE® to a van; expand; or convert to a Standalone.


How to packup the InflataFENCE® to get it back into the bag.

BONUS TIPs Video - Install press studs to Mesh Skirt & Van

*an alternative to our standard install but perfect for a more customised fit.


Locate area of damage and mark the panel:

  1. If unsure as to where the puncture is located, e.g. you have a ‘slow puncture’, then fully INFLATE the panel, run soapy water along your panels to look for air bubbles. The air bubbles is where you have sustained damage.
  2. Mark the location, dry the area and deflate the panel.

Repair panel:

  1. Fully DEFLATE panel and get the area for repair as FLAT as possible.
  2. Cut a PVC patch from your Repair Kit, allowing a minimum of 2cm overlap around the hole/tear.
  3. Place the patch over the hole and mark around the patch on the tube with a pencil/removable marker.
  4. Clean/prime the back of the patch and the repair area, using a clean dry lint-free cloth, by wiping with MEK solvent or acetone. Wait until the solvent has evaporated. (N.B. with PVC fabrics, it is normal for the area to become 'tacky').
  5. Apply an even thin coat of glue on BOTH PVC patch and panel.
  6. Leave BOTH patch and panel to semi-dry (approx 90secs) before joining the two together. (N.B. as adhesives are ‘contact’ adhesives then it is important to position the patch correctly as it will not be possible to re-position once in place).
  7. Smooth down the patch firmly, working from the centre of the patch outwards, in order to remove air bubbles and ensure good contact.
  8. Wait 2mins for this to dry, then repeat steps 2 to 6 AGAIN - using a larger piece of PVC to cover the first patch (with a 2cm overlap).
  9. Place a smooth sided heavy weight on the patch and allow to 'cure' for 24 hours before re- inflating the panels to check that the repair has been successful.

Tip: If you have any other areas of damage that you can’t find, run soapy water along your panels and look for air bubbles. The air bubbles is where you have sustained damage. 



Mesh Skirt

How to get a more customised fit of the Mesh Skirt to the van

  • Treat it like a draught skirt and use our alternative recommendation of INSTALLING your own PRESS STUDS to it
  • You can either take it to a trimmer/upholsterer or do it yourself
  • We show you how easy it is to do yourself here! 

INSTALL PRESS STUDS to Mesh Skirt & Van:

Secure panels with Rio Bar

An alternative way of connect your Fence Panels to the van is by NOT connecting it to the van! If you can bash a Rio Bar into the ground (next to your van), your fence panels can connect to the Rio Bar. Grab some Rio Bar from your local hardware store.


Any single Insert Panels (1m and 2m) can be used as a gate. Make use of this!

Modular Capability

Make the most of the modular ability of the InflataFENCE and change up the panels by flipping them upside, skewing them, interchanging the size as you please: 


  • If you have a 4mx2m base model with 1 x 1m Gate panels, and wish to change the location of the gate from the side to the middle, simply flip the module upside down (see pic).
  • Skew your enclosure to fit around obstacles or restricted area
  • Turn your fence enclosure into a Standalone Pen


Fully deflating and putting the fence back into the bag is only one way of storing it. While this is ideal if you want to store it in a compact bundle, it doesn’t have to be done this way.  Many of our customers just unlock the valve to partially deflate it (just enough to fold the L-panels it in half) and then just put the panels inside the van as is. Some customers say they even throw it on their beds! This way, the fence is also the first thing that comes out of the van and the last thing that gets put away - ideal especially if you’re travelling from place to place.


Losing air when removing pump

If panels lose air when removing pump out of the valve, this means the valve has not locked closed. Correct this according to the valve type on your panel:

Valve A: This valve locks using the twisting action that occurs while removing the pump. Disconnect the pump while it’s still running as this action (when twisting it off) locks the valve to stop air flowing out.

Valve B: This valve has a reset button. If you’re losing air when pump is removed, simply press the reset button before pumping again.

Losing firmness overnight and expanding in the day

All inflatable platforms will slightly expand in the heat and contract in the cold. If you find that your panels are contracting as the temperature drops (usually overnight), don’t be alarmed as it’s normal. In this case, it’s best to inflate your fence panels when it’s the coldest (usually first thing early morning). This will then be your set point. It will expand slightly as the day warms up and temperature increases - but that’s normal and won’t be an issue. 

Losing air slowly around the valve

If you’ve identify air leaking from around the valve, it’s most likely that the valve has loosened. This is something that can occur quite normally with any inflatable platform. It’s an easy fix as the valve just needs tightening. 

What you need to do:

  1. Fully inflate the panel
  2. Get the grey Valve Spanner from your repair kit (attached snapshot)
  3. Insert into the valve and turn to tighten it (usually 1/8th of a turn is enough)

Losing air slowly from a puncture

If the leak is slow, it sounds like you may have sustained a small hole somewhere. This is an easy fix with your repair kit. See attached for instructions.

Packup – can't get the module back into the bag

To get the fence back into the bag, you must use our methods! Did you watch the video? If not, here’s a link :